Current tenders

View the Queensland exploration program to see a schedule of tender releases until the end of 2019 or learn more about the tender process at competitive tendering for exploration.

Current areas open for exploration via a competitive tender are detailed below.

Coal exploration opportunities in Queensland

We have released 5 new areas via competitive tender with a cash bid component for coal exploration in Queensland's Bowen Basin.

The areas, totalling 458km2 (147 sub-blocks) are subject to environmental, native title and other approval requirements under the Mineral Resources Act 1989.

Companies must have adequate financial capabilities and the right skills to explore, develop and take the resources to market and drive growth in regional Queensland.

How to tender

  1. Register on QTenders.
  2. Search for 'CLR20191'.

Read more about how to use the QTenders website.

Tender area codes and details

Tender area 1

Tender area code: CLR2019-1-1
Size: 60km2 (19 sub-blocks)
Location: 22km north-east of Moranbah
Commodity: Coking coal

Tender area 2

Tender area code: CLR2019-1-2
Size: 6km2 (2 sub-blocks)
Location: 32km east of Blackwater
Commodity: Thermal coal

Tender area 3

Tender area code: CLR2019-1-3
Size: 6km2 (2 sub-blocks)
Location: 36km east of Blackwater
Commodity: Thermal coal

Tender area 4

Tender area code: CLR2019-1-4
Size: 6km2 (2 sub-blocks)
Location: 45km east of Blackwater
Commodity: Thermal coal

Tender area 5

Tender area code: CLR2019-1-5
Size: 380km2 (122 sub-blocks)
Location: 113km south-east of Emerald
Commodity: Thermal coal

Location of area CLR2019-1-1

Map of area CLR2019-1-1 north-east of Moranbah

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