Collaborative exploration grants

The Collaborative Exploration Initiative (CEI) provides industry grants to:

  • encourage investment in under-explored parts of north-west Queensland
  • support innovative exploration techniques.

The CEI grants program is now closed.

When is the next round of CEI grants?

As part of the Strategic Resources Exploration Program (SREP), $3.6 million of funding was committed to the CEI grants over a 4-year period from 2017 to 2021. Applications for CEI grants have been finalised under Round 1 and Round 2, and no further rounds are expected under the SREP.

CEI grants awarded under Rounds 1 and 2

Round 1 of the program was awarded in December 2017. Nine projects were successfully completed by 7 companies, most focused on electrical and electromagnetic geophysical surveying. View the interactive map of Round 1 projects.

Round 2 of the program was awarded in December 2018 to 12 companies supporting a total of 15 projects. View the map of Round 2 projects (PDF, 804KB).

How to access final reports

Click on the maps below to view the company names and tenure locations:

QDEX Reports numbers are also available for the final reports for Round 1 projects that have been completed, and are publicly available.

Project timelines

Round 1 final reports become open file on QDEX Reports 1 April 2019
Round 2 final reports become open file on QDEX Reports 1 April 2020
Round 1 drill core submitted 1 January 2021
Round 2 drill core submitted 1 January 2022

Benefits to participants

The CEI grants are an important part of the SREP.

Supported projects will receive a grant of up to 50% of the direct activity costs, to a maximum of $200,000.

However, projects that meet an early incentive period will be eligible to receive a grant of up to 75% of the direct activity costs, to a maximum of $300,000.

Eligible projects include drilling and non-drilling activities, such as seismic, airborne and ground geophysics, and geochemical surveys.

Benefits to north-west Queensland

By co-funding exploration activity with industry, the CEI grants stimulate private sector investment in under-explored parts of the North West Queensland Minerals Province (PDF, 199KB).

Through collaborative, innovative exploration, we aim to expand our shared knowledge of the geological foundations and resource potential of the region.

When the projects are completed, the companies will submit a final report with data and analysis. These reports will become publicly available on QDEX Reports.

Previous grant programs

You can access the exploration reports from previous grant programs on QDEX Reports. Conduct a General Search, and under the Report Type select Collaborative Drilling Initiative – Final (completed).

Maps of supported projects under the Queensland Government's previous exploration grants programs are below for reference.

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