CEI recipients and reports

Round 6 of the Collaborative Exploration Initiative program is now open for submissions until 13 December 2021. Individual grants of up to $200,000 are available.

Round 5 2021 Collaborative Exploration Initiative

Individual grants of up to $200,000 have been awarded to 16 companies covering 18 projects under Round 5 of the Collaborative Exploration Initiative. The projects will target exploration of new economy minerals and will be undertaken across north east and north west Queensland.

Grant recipients are required to complete and report on the agreed works by May 2022.

Project summaries

  • Multicom Resources Limited applied for a new Magnetotelluric geophysical survey for the Yappar Project west of Croydon, testing for indications of sulphide mineralisation.
  • Strategic Energy Resources Limited has been approved for 2 separate grants for projects in the North West Minerals Province
    • A drilling project will target base metals to expand on the geo data in the under explored area.
    • A second project will develop a deep learning-based model to interpret basement geology from geophysical data.
  • Chinova Resources will undertake a regional geochemical appraisal of a mineral prospective area to the south of Cloncurry.
  • Mount Isa Mines Limited will undertake an airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) survey, supporting exploration by providing a high-quality dataset suitable for geological and structural interpretation and targeting.
  • Red Metal’s project, north of Cloncurry in the North West Minerals Province, will undertake a new Magnetotelluric (MT) geophysical survey.
  • Round Oak Minerals will undertake a collaborative survey to help define exploration targets across the region, southeast of Cloncurry.
  • Yappar Resources Pty Ltd will conduct drilling in north Queensland to test a target modelled as a large tin-silver deposit.
  • Ballymore Resources Limited will conduct drilling in north-east Queensland to test a combination of metals in intrusive rock.
  • NorthX P/L will undertake drilling activity to provide information to further understand new economy mineral occurrences in Central Queensland.
  • Longreach No.1 Pty Ltd will sample and study rock formations in the Peak Range Volcanics to build up fundamental knowledge for future rare earth exploration.
  • Moho Resources Limited will conduct strategic drilling in north-west Queensland to explore mineral prospectivity of basement rocks that contributed to irregularities in borewaters.
  • Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd will undertake the following 2 funded projects in north-west Queensland
    • an exploratory drilling programs to test the concept of rare earth mineralisation at the base of the Georgina Basin sediment
    • a combined geophysical program of high-resolution gravity and magnetotelluric (MT) profiles.
  • Teck Australia Pty Ltd will undertake drilling south of Mount Isa exploring the geology to test for lead-zinc and copper mineralisation.
  • Minotaur Operations Pty Ltd will use a highly innovative technique to target hidden deposits. The data will allow explorers to see through sediment cover and pick up potential mineralisation information in the basement rocks.
  • Thomson Resources Limited will conduct a 3,000 line kilometre high resolution airborne magnetic survey west of Chillagoe to help define intrusion related mineralisation targets
  • Heavy Metal Exploration Pty Ltd will collect surface samples in the Mt Cobalt corridor south of Cloncurry, testing various sample types and analytical methods to determine the most appropriate technique for new economy mineral exploration in this district

View the round 5 projects on the CEI interactive map.

Round 4 2020 Collaborative Exploration Initiative

Individual grants up to $200,000 were awarded to 24 companies, covering 25 projects across Queensland. These grants covered exploration of high demand commodities that include new economy minerals such as cobalt, copper and rare earth elements.

View the Round 4 recipients on the CEI interactive map.

Project summaries

  • Lynd Resources undertook deep drilling to look for silver, tin and other tech metals north of Georgetown.
  • Dover Castle Metals searched for silver, lead and zinc and potentially one of the highest grades of indium in Australia using diamond drilling techniques on land approximately 150km west of Cairns.
  • Red River Resources undertook low-impact magnetic surveys using drones on land approximately 100km south west of Cairns to look for silver, lead, zinc and indium deposits.
  • Oakland Gold undertook further drill exploration to find gold deposits in an underexplored area around 150km east of Karumba.
  • Red Metal used magnetotelluric survey equipment to undertake detailed mapping of some known zinc, lead and silver deposits in and around the old Century Mine near Lawn Hill.
  • Sector Projects used diamond drilling technology to look for deep and high-quality deposits of copper and zinc in an area approximately 200km north of Mount Isa.
  • Century Mining contributed to its magnetotelluric survey in and around the old Century Mine near Lawn Hill to help define more zinc, lead and silver deposits to potentially fast track to production by utilising existing mine and supply chain infrastructure.
  • Mount Cuthbert Resources re-analysed historical surface samples for new economy minerals in an area approximately 100km north-east of Mount Isa.
  • Teck Australia:
    • explored for lead, zinc and silver in Riversleigh siltstone 200km north-west of Mount Isa
    • explored and re-invigorated an area approximately 200km south of Mount Isa for copper and zinc
  • Red Fox Resources used diamond drilling equipment to test an area known as the Gipsy Creek Copper-Gold Project in north west Queensland.
  • Capricorn Copper used gravity gradiometry techniques to survey an area approximately 100km north of Mount Isa in the hunt for copper, cobalt, lead, zinc and silver.
  • Minotaur Operations employed electromagnetic survey techniques to search for large base metal and gold deposits near McKinlay in the state's north-west.
  • Aeon Walford Creek explored for deep iron oxide, copper and gold (IOCG) in an area approximately 100km west of Mount Isa.
  • Vendetta Mining Corp undertook deep drilling to look for zinc, silver and lead south of Cloncurry.
  • Mawson Queensland undertook deep drilling targeting base metals and new economy minerals near the world-class Cannington mine.
  • Chinova Resources undertook one of the nation's largest regional electromagnetic surveys of a known and relatively underexplored tech metal area approximately 250km south-east of Mount Isa near the Osborne mine.
  • Anglo American used new core scanning and geochemistry techniques to analyse core samples from the Diamantina region from mineral exploration dating back to the 2000s, approximately 150km north of Bedourie.
  • Mt Coolon Gold Mines undertook extensive 3DIP survey over a silver and gold prospective corridor adjacent to the Mt Coolon Gold Mines inland from Mackay.
  • Ten Sixty Four undertook some deep drilling to look for gold deposits in its Monteagle Drilling Project north-west of Emerald. The deposits, if proven, could tap into the well-established supply chain in the Bowen Basin.
  • Longreach No.1 completed high resolution magnetic and radiometric surveys over a 400km2 area just east of Longreach. The junior explorer will use this data to look for porphyry and epithermal copper and gold.
  • North X worked with CSIRO to undertake a mineral classification study of rare earth element mineralisation in the Peaks Range Volcanics, 75km north of Emerald. The study has potential to accelerate Queensland as a major rare earth producer.
  • Metal Bank undertook drilling in the Wide Bay area to further explore several known targets of copper, silver, molybdenum (used to make steel alloys in engine parts), silver, lead, tellurium (a metal used to improve the strength of lead, copper and stainless steel) and zinc.
  • Auburn Resources undertook an electromagnetic survey to undertake a non-invasive search to potentially open up a parcel of land in the Wide Bay area inland from Bundaberg seeking nickel, cobalt and copper.
  • Earth Ray Exploration searched an area in south-west Queensland west of Cunnamulla near the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Rounds 1–4 Collaborative Exploration Initiative

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How to access final reports and data

Once projects are completed, companies submit a final report including all data. After a time, these reports become open file and are made publicly available on the GSQ Open Data Portal. Read the timeline for release above.

The CEI interactive map has links to the GSQ Open Data Portal for CEI projects that have been completed and are publicly available.

Collaborative Drilling Initiative

You can access the exploration reports from our previous grants program, the Collaborative Drilling Initiative (CDI), on the GSQ Open Data Portal.

Maps of the projects that were supported under the program are available below for reference.

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