Competitive tendering for exploration

Queensland's mineral and energy resources are managed by the Queensland Government on behalf of all Queenslanders.

Before you can explore for or produce resources in Queensland, you must obtain the appropriate resource authority.

You can do this by applying through the competitive tendering process or in some cases by making a direct application.

For details of how to apply and terms and conditions, read our guides on:

Competitive tendering process

Competitive tendering applies to petroleum and gas, greenhouse gas storage, coal and, where appropriate, mineral exploration.

Note: Most applications for mineral authorities are direct applications.

Competitive tendering ensures Queensland's resources are responsibly managed by allocating exploration rights to companies that have the greatest exploration and development capacity for these resources. It also provides a fair and transparent process for awarding a preferred tenderer.

A rigorous process is in place to assess tender applications and select a preferred tenderer. The process and criteria are outlined in each call for tender document and typically include consideration of the applicants' proposed work program, financial and technical capabilities and their strategy for engaging with the community.

Note: Preferred tenderers will need to meet environmental and other approval requirements (e.g. native title) before the resource authority is granted.

Tender processing times

You can access current information on application processing times and other performance measures on the georesources tenure performance dashboard.

The exploration tender data shows the time taken to move through the first stage of the process, from the date tenders are opened to the award of tender areas to a preferred tenderer.

Exploration opportunities

View our current tenders for details of current exploration opportunities and the Queensland exploration program for details of land releases for the next financial year.

Previous tender outcomes

View the outcomes from previous tender processes (XLSX, 28KB).

Previous call for tender documents

View previous tender documents below:


Petroleum and gas

Greenhouse gas storage


The call for tender documents prior to those listed above are available on request.

Expressions of interest for exploration

You can request that an area be considered for release by a competitive tender process by making an expression of interest submission.

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