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Queensland exploration program

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tendering schedule update

In response to COVID-19, we have reassessed the timings for the tender releases scheduled under the 2020 Queensland exploration program.

The Queensland Government will provide a range of relief measures for eligible exploration companies.

This package includes the recommencement of the coal and petroleum tender processes, as set out in Table 1 below.

The 2020 Queensland exploration program (QEP) provides a schedule for exploration opportunities for petroleum and gas and coal for 2020. The program outlines the tender process and provides details on the location of each exploration tender area and the timing of each competitive tender process.

The table below outlines the planned competitive tender releases.

For more details, download the 2020 Queensland exploration program (PDF, 773KB).

You can also view maps of the releases in GeoResGlobe.


  • once connected, select the Layers button on the left of the page
  • then, follow the file path Add layer > Permit administration areas > Proposed advertised areas.

You can also download the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data files for areas identified in the QEP (before they are released as tenders) for petroleum and coal via the Queensland Spatial website.

Table 1: Release schedule for petroleum and gas and coal areas in the 2020 QEP

Tender releaseCommodity Call for tender Tender close Tender outcome
CLR2020-1 Coal (2 areas) 7 May 2020 25 June 2020 September 2020
PLR2020-1 Petroleum and gas (12 areas) 14 May 2020 9 July 2020 September 2020

The Queensland Government has announced the release of 5 new areas across nearly 1,500 square kilometres in the resource-rich Bowen and Surat basins via competitive tender for petroleum and gas exploration. This new land release is in addition to the areas identified in the 2020 QEP.

The 5 new areas for petroleum exploration around Moonie and Injune were released for competitive tender on 18 June 2020, with the tender closing on 3 September 2020.

The 5 areas were previously released for tender under the 2018 QEP but were not awarded. The areas are being re-released in response to industry feedback and as part of the Queensland Government's Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs plan.

Stakeholder engagement

Prior to the release of the QEP, directly affected stakeholders (including landholders, traditional owners and local governments), as well as community groups and peak representative groups, were engaged regarding the potential exploration areas. The information provided enables stakeholders to be better prepared for participation in future exploration approval processes and negotiations.

We will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout the competitive tendering process.

At the conclusion of the competitive tendering process, a preferred tenderer must meet environmental, native title and any other approval requirements before they can be granted an exploration authority. When an exploration authority has been granted, generally the preferred tenderer must complete land access arrangements and any other approval requirements prior to commencing on-ground exploration activities.

Exploration programs

The QEP continues to build on the exploration opportunities that have been released in Queensland since 2016 through the 3 previous exploration programs.

For more details on the previous exploration programs, download:

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