Submitting core and cutting samples

We collect core submitted by exploration companies as part of legislative requirements.

We are also interested in collecting any core that companies want to make available.

Read the core and cuttings submission guidelines for more detail on submitting material to the core collection.

Contact the Exploration Data Centre if you are unsure about your submission obligations or for more information about how to submit core.

Pre-lodgement notification

Before lodging your sample, send us a drill hole metadata form with details of the drill hole material you are planning to submit. Refer to the drill holes samples data dictionary for a description of terms.

Send your form to either the Exploration Data Centre or the John Campbell Miles Drill Core Facility.

We will assess your samples to determine whether they duplicate existing material and let you know which samples you should lodge.

Packaging and delivery of samples

Once you have been notified of what you need to supply:

  1. Package the required samples. Read the sample trays, pallets and delivery guidelines for detailed instructions.
  2. Make sure you include a drill hole sample submission form with each shipment.
  3. Send your shipment to the nominated core library.