Tourism Business Capability Subsidy—Round 2

The $2 million Tourism Business Capability Subsidy provides funding to eligible sole traders, micro, small and medium-sized tourism and event businesses in Queensland to undertake targeted training and/or accreditation programs.

Eligible businesses can choose from a number of identified programs aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.

Identified accreditation and training programs support key themes including sustainability and ecotourism, trade distribution, international visitor cultural understanding, first nations cultural awareness, tour guiding, improving tourism quality, accessible tourism, marinas, zoos and aquariums, and caravan/holiday parks.

The subsidy supports key actions in the Towards Tourism 2032 strategy's 'Talent and Skills' theme through targeted business capability development initiatives.


The key objectives of the subsidy are to:

  • increase the number of tourism and events businesses with recognised tourism accreditation
  • increase the capabilities of tourism and events businesses across targeted areas to improve visitor experiences.

Available funding

A subsidy of up to $2,000 (excluding GST) is available to eligible tourism and events businesses to support development in 1 or more of the below priority areas:

  1. Accreditation
  2. Training for trade/business development.

Eligible applicants do not have to co-contribute to the cost of approved training/accreditation activities however approved applicants will need to cover any costs above $2,000 (excluding GST).

The approved subsidy funding is reimbursed to the applicant once the accreditation and/or training has been completed.


The subsidy guidelines (PDF, 494KB) contain detailed information on applicant eligibility as well as the list of eligible accreditation/ training activities.

To be eligible for the subsidy, businesses must:

  • primarily operate in the tourism and events industry in Queensland or be a Queensland Local Government Authority with a tourism operation
  • employ fewer than 200 full-time equivalent employees
  • have an established operating base in Queensland
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be registered for goods and services tax (GST).

Approved training and accreditation activities

Eligible applicants may choose to undertake 1 or multiple eligible training/accreditation activities from the list below.

Any costs above the maximum funding amount of $2,000 (excluding GST) needs to be covered by the applicant.

View the summary of all accreditation activity costs (PDF, 183KB) and training activity costs (PDF, 111KB).


QTIC Tourism Accreditation Package

  • Sustainable Tourism program
  • Risk Management program
  • Accessible Tourism program.

QTIC Accommodation Accreditation Package

  • Sustainable Tourism program
  • Star Rating program
  • Risk Management program
  • Accessible Tourism program.

Phone: (07) 3236 1445

Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard

ECO Certification (new applicants only):

  • Nature Tourism level
  • Ecotourism level
  • Advanced Ecotourism level.

Sustainable Tourism Certification (new applicants only):

  • Sustainable Tourism level
  • Advanced Sustainable Tourism level.

Renewals of existing Ecotourism Certification (already certified operators only):

Phone: (07) 3256 6777

Gold Anchor global marina accreditation:

  • self-assessed unrated 3-year participation
  • rated 3-year participation.

Clean Marina Program

Phone: (02) 9439 5806

Training Hub

  • Tourism Trade Ready
  • Domestic Ready
  • Accessible and Inclusive Host
  • India Host
  • Japan Host
  • Korea Host
  • China Host
  • Indonesia Host
  • Muslim Host
  • Digital marketing and your online shopfront for tourism
  • How to make sustainability your business

Phone: (02) 8262 5500

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies online course (AIATSIS) through Savannah Guides—Cultural Awareness Training

Phone: 0408 772 513

Tour Guiding Fundamentals training:

  • Individual or business package (3 guides)
    • Cairns (10–13 July)
    • Brisbane (11–14 September)
    • Cairns (7–10 October)
  • Business On-Site Package.

Professional Guide Accreditation

Phone: 0438 361 664

Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA):

  • accreditation preparation and Five Domains animal welfare assessment.

Phone: (02) 9978 4638

View the training costs (PDF, 111KB).

Application, approval and subsidy process—Round 2

New applications for Round 2 will be awarded to eligible applicants in order of receipt. Incomplete applications will not be assessed until all required information is received.

The subsidy application and approval process is made up of 5 steps:

  1. Apply for subsidy.
  2. Department of Tourism and Sport (DTS) notifies of application outcome.
  3. Applicant pays for approved activities.
  4. Applicant completes approved activities.
  5. Reimbursed up to $2,000 (excluding GST).

Applicants should research the eligible accreditation/training activities they are interested in undertaking and consider overall costs, time requirements and staff availability prior to submitting your application. Applicable costs for each accreditation/training activity are detailed in the application form.

Applicants need to submit their own applications. Application submissions from third parties are ineligible.

For any questions on the accreditation/training activities, contact the accreditation/training provider directly.

Key dates—Round 2

Open for application—assessed in order of receipt 15 May 2024
Outcomes advised After completion of the assessment and approval process
Training/accreditation must be registered to start Within 30 business days of approval
Training/accreditation completion date By 18 October 2024

Note these dates are indicative only and may be subject to change. Round 2 will close when all available funds are exhausted, or at the discretion of DTS.

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