Disaster support and assistance for tourism businesses

The Queensland Government is committed to supporting the tourism industry prepare for and recover from natural disasters and the short and long-term effects they can have on businesses.

When a disaster event occurs, our immediate priority is to link businesses to recovery assistance and restore domestic and international visitor levels to Queensland. The long-term focus is on strengthening the Queensland brand and building business resilience and capability.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance, including grants and concessional loans, may be available for affected tourism operators.

You may be eligible to access the free financial counselling service for small businesses.

Learn more about Queensland natural disaster assistance.

Visit the Queensland grants finder to check what other grants are currently on offer and the eligibility criteria.

Disaster planning

A range of resources is available to help you prepare your business for natural disasters.

Business risk management

Other general assistance is available to tourism operators to help strengthen their business and become more resilient. Learn more about risk management and growing your business.

Business continuity planning

Develop a practical business continuity plan for how you can prepare for, and continue to operate after, an incident or crisis.

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