Using results from the mystery shopper program

The results of the mystery shopper program demonstrate further education and training is required to help you fill knowledge gaps around the definition of 'unduly intoxicated', how to spot the signs, how to confidently and effectively refuse service to unduly intoxicated patrons, the importance of RSA, and the penalties for non-compliance.

Ways to improve RSA practices in the venue

  • Maintain appropriate staffing levels at all times, including having enough security staff in place inside the venue.
  • Advise all staff to make eye contact with patrons and ask a few simple questions to assess the patron's level of intoxication.
  • Have floor staff, roaming managers, roaming RSA-trained security, and identifiable RSA marshals interacting with patrons to assess intoxication levels and report any patrons who are unduly intoxicated and consuming alcohol onsite.
  • Have systems and communication processes in place to ensure patrons who are slowed down or cut off at one bar can't purchase a drink from another bar in the same venue.
  • Ensure environmental factors such as lighting, noise levels and crowding do not compromise RSA practices.

How to foster a culture of RSA compliance behind the scenes

It's really important that management are reinforcing the importance of a collective effort between management, floor staff, bar staff and security staff. You can build this culture by ensuring:

  • your management team reinforce the importance of strong RSA practices, and support staff to uphold their RSA obligations
  • all staff have well-defined roles and are aware of their responsibilities
  • regular staff meetings include RSA on the agenda, with discussion around how to overcome barriers to compliance
  • compulsory RSA refresher courses are put in place for all staff and are conducted face-to-face
  • staff undertake practical training in how to prevent a patron from becoming unduly intoxicated (this should include how to spot the early signs and take immediate appropriate action, as well as how to identify an unduly intoxicated patron and refuse service)
  • security staff are trained to have awareness of, and respect for, your venue’s culture around RSA and patron care, as well as customer service and how to talk to patrons respectfully.

RSA training resources

Our online refresher courses and quizzes and interactive RSA training videos are available for you to access any time, free of charge.

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