Customer Liaison Officers

Under the voluntary Queensland responsible gambling code of practice, gaming venues should have a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) available during the approved gaming hours.

The CLO should be appropriately trained and is responsible for providing appropriate information to assist patrons when they are observed experiencing problem gambling. The approved manager may also be appropriately trained to assist with problem gambling situations.

Make sure all staff and customers know who the CLO is by displaying their name and photo in the gaming room.

The CLO may perform the following duties:

  • organise exclusion training for staff
  • prepare exclusion forms
  • enforce exclusion processes when required
  • refer excluded players to their nearest gambling help service provider
  • notify OLGR of any contravention of exclusion orders and directions within 7 days
  • develop links with local community groups to establish support networks for problem gamblers
  • provide appropriate information to assist patrons and staff members with gambling-related problems
  • support staff in providing assistance to patrons experiencing gambling-related problems
  • deal with complaints
  • ensure no minors are found in the gaming room
  • ensure gaming staff do not play machines at their venue while employed or for 30 days after they cease employment at the venue
  • ensure no credit is given for any gambling.

When staff are performing any of the above duties, the CLO should be available to provide them with assistance and support.

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