Restaurant licence condition to sell wine with takeaway meals

Existing Queensland restaurant licensees with a commercial-other subsidiary on-premises licence can apply for a permanent licence variation to sell wine with takeaway meals.

New applicants can apply for the takeaway condition to be endorsed on their licence as part of their new licence application.

Regardless of how many meals are ordered, the maximum wine that can be sold as takeaway in any transaction is 1.5L.

Other alcoholic drinks—like beer and pre-mixed drinks—can't be sold as takeaway.


To be eligible to sell wine with takeaway meals you must be a licensed restaurant where the principal activity is serving meals on the premises.

A meal is food that can be eaten with cutlery while seated—for example, roast beef with vegetables, lasagne, a stir-fry or a curry with rice. It is not light takeaway food like snacks, hot chips, an entree or kid's meal.

This means licensed cafes aren't eligible to sell takeaway wine.

You must also check you have the appropriate town planning development approval for your licensed premises. In some cases, development approval may restrict licensees from selling takeaway liquor. In this case, you'll need to contact your local council to have these conditions changed.

We'll consult with your local council as part of the application process. If you don't have development approval to sell takeaway liquor, your application can't be considered.

Conditions for selling takeaway wine

You can only sell a maximum 1.5L of takeaway wine in any transaction. Takeaway sales can only be between 10am and 10pm (with delivery before midnight).

You must ensure the responsible service and delivery of alcohol and accept several responsible service conditions on your licence, including:

Contactless and unattended delivery of wine with takeaway meals is also not permitted.

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