Licensee requirements for scanning a person's ID

As a licensee of a regulated premises, you are required to scan patron IDs at certain times.

When you must scan IDs

You must scan IDs from 10pm if you are authorised to sell alcohol after midnight on the following days:

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • the day before a public holiday.

For example, if Wednesday is a public holiday, you are required to scan patrons from 10pm on the Tuesday evening before the public holiday if you are authorised to sell alcohol after midnight in that trading period.

Note that this applies even if you stop selling alcohol before midnight.

You must also scan IDs from 10pm on Monday to Thursday nights if you continue to sell alcohol after 1am (ID scanning from 10pm is not necessary if you do not sell alcohol after 1am on these days).

You cannot then decide to continue selling alcohol after 1am if you haven't scanned patrons from 10pm.

You can use a re-entry pass system at your venue so you don't have to scan patron IDs more than once during the regulated hours of any single trading period.

People exempt from having their ID scanned

You are not required to scan the ID of the following people:

  • employees of the licensee – this includes contractors and entertainers (unless they are entering the premises as a patron at a time when scanning is required)
  • persons attending a function at the premises – you will not be required to scan a patron's ID if the sole purpose of their visit is to attend a function held on the premises. Examples of functions include a 21st birthday or a wedding, which are not open to the public
  • persons attending the premises for the sole purpose of dining/meals – if a patron's sole purpose for entering a regulated premises is to eat a meal in a part of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining (whether or not alcohol is supplied to the patron while consuming the meal), licensees of premises subject to the following licence types will not be required to scan a patron's ID
    • a commercial hotel
    • a subsidiary on-premises licence if the principal activity of the business conducted under the licence is the provision of accommodation
  • residents of the premises – you are not required to scan the ID of a temporary or permanent resident of the regulated premises (e.g. hotel guests)
  • exempt minors.

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