Rosy barb

Rosy barb
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Rosy barbs are native to Asia, and were introduced to Australia through the aquarium industry. You may keep rosy barbs in aquariums, but they must not be released into local creeks or rivers. If you catch these fish in the wild, they must be humanely killed and not returned to the water.

Scientific name

Puntius conchonius


  • Pinkish-red with silver flecks along the side.
  • Dorsal (back) and anal (underside) fins have black tips.
  • During spawning season, males become deep red and females become more luminous.
  • Mature at around 9cm and can grow 14cm long.
  • Popular aquarium fish.


  • In nature, rosy barbs live in lakes and fast-flowing streams.


  • Native to Asia.
  • Established in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, United States of America, Singapore and Columbia.

Life cycle


  • Omnivorous.
  • Eats worms, crustaceans, insects and plant matter.


  • If you catch rosy barbs in the wild, humanely kill them and do not return them to the water. Report all invasive fish captures through our online reporting form. Take photos, if possible.

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