Tungamull electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline

Baseline status

Suitable for use while certificate remains valid.

Reporting problems

Contact the Regional Calibration Officer (listed under the 'Contacts' heading) as soon as possible if any of the following information is incorrect or to report any problems with the baseline.


This baseline is a pillared base located at Tungamull, along a disused railway line just east of Rockhampton. Station 1 is located on the southern side of the Rockhampton-Emu Park Road/Costello Rd/Cobb and Co Road intersection.


Head east from Rockhampton on the Rockhampton-Emu Park Road for about 20km past the railway crossing on the outskirts of town. The baseline will be on the southern side of the road (right) at a dirt road intersection (Cobb and Co Road). A dirt track runs adjacent to the baseline and provides vehicular access to each station.

Keys are needed to unlock the pillars and should be obtained from the local Department of Resources office in the town centre.


Type: 7 station Schwendener. Stations are concrete pillars.

Datum RL: The datum plane is based on reduced level (RL) 0.0 metres. RLs for the stations are derived from station 0 – permanent survey mark (PSM) 69732.

Alignment: Base alignment is from station 0 to 6. Offsets are negative to the left and positive to the right of the line viewed from station 0.


Station # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
PSM # 69732 69733 69734 69735 69736 69737 69738


  • Pillar 1 was disturbed in 2009 due to an upgrade on the intersection of Rockhampton-Emu Park Road and Cobb and Co Road. Although the pillar may be stable again, take care when observing this station.
  • Pillars are not easily visible from the road as they are on the other side of a tree line.

Regulation 13 certificate


Regional Calibration Officer

Jim Cox
Department of Resources
L1 State Government Building
209 Bolsover Street

Phone: (07) 4837 3447


General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)