Mackay electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline

Baseline status

Suitable for use while certification remains valid.

Reporting problems

Contact the Regional Calibration Officer (listed under the 'Contacts' heading) as soon as possible if any of the following information is incorrect or to report any problems with the baseline.


The baseline is located adjacent to Lagoon St (Mackay Bypass Road) in the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. Station 0 is located at the north-western end of the baseline.


Access to the baseline is arranged by booking with the botanical gardens management. The pillars are padlocked to protect the tribrach threads and the key can be obtained from the Regional Calibration Officer at the local department office.


Type: 7 station Schwendener. Stations are concrete pillars.

Datum RL: The datum plane is based on reduced level (RL) 0.0 metres. RLs for the stations are derived from Station 0 – permanent survey mark (PSM) 753178.

Alignment: Base alignment is from station 0 to 6. Offsets are negative to the left and positive to the right of the line viewed from station 0.


Station # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
PSM # 753178 202585 202586 202587 202588 753263 202589


  • Do not remove or break any obstructing garden vegetation. Contact garden management and they will assist.
  • Vehicles are not permitted within the botanic gardens. There is road side parking the length of Lagoon St or bicycles may be used.
  • On arrival at the gardens, report to the Garden Administration Centre where you will be briefed on the rules of the gardens. If the administration is unattended, contact Dale Arvidsson.
  • On completion, return keys and ensure the register has been completed.

Regulation 13 certificate


Regional Calibration Officer

Ian Killian
Department of Resources
22 Wood Street

Phone: (07) 4999 6881

Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

Lagoon Street

Richard Brown
Phone: (07) 4952 7300