Mica Creek electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline

Baseline status

Suitable for use while certificate remains valid.

Reporting problems

Contact the Regional Calibration Officer (listed under the 'Contacts' heading) as soon as possible if any of the following information is incorrect or to report any problems with the baseline.


This baseline was installed by local surveyors and is located within leased land to the west of the Mica Creek power station off the Diamantina Developmental Road, 5km south of the town centre. Station 1 is at the northern end of the baseline nearing the power station boundary fence.


The gate key for this baseline can be obtained from Lodewyk Surveys in Mt Isa. Access to pillars 3–7 is via a locked gate 300m off the end of the power station access road.


Type: 7 station Schwendener. Stations are concrete pillars.

Datum RL: The datum plane is based on reduced level (RL) 363.0 metres. RLs for the stations are derived from station 1 – permanent survey mark (PSM) 207066.

Alignment: Base alignment is from station 1 to 7. Offsets are negative to the left and positive to the right of the line viewed from station 1.


Station # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
PSM # 207066 207067 207068 207069 207070 207071 207072


  • New stainless steel plates were attached to pillars in August 2017 to improve centring.

Regulation 13 certificate


Regional Calibration Officer

Chris Serpell
Department of Resources
5B Sheridan Street

Phone: (07) 4222 5406

Lodewyk Surveys

6 Second Ave

Phone: (07) 4743 4155