Gold Coast electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline

Baseline status

Suitable for use while certificate remains valid.

Reporting problems

Contact the Regional Calibration Officer (listed under the 'Contacts' heading) as soon as possible if any of the following information is incorrect or to report any problems with the baseline.


The baseline is located on Shelter Road east of the Coombabah Sewage Treatment Plant. The baseline begins just outside the eastern security gate of the treatment plant and runs eastward, adjacent to Shelter Road.


Bookings are made through Survey Services, Infrastructure Delivery Branch, City of Gold Coast—refer to 'Contacts'. Access keys are to be collected from the Survey Services office and returned there immediately after finishing at the baseline.

Access to the wastewater treatment plant is longer required as the entire baseline is now outside the treatment plant grounds. Baseline is access from the eastern end of Shelter Road only. No access is allowed to the baseline through the wastewater treatment plant.


Type: 7 station Schwendener. Stations are concrete pillars.

Datum RL: The datum plane is based on reduced level (RL) 0.0 metres. RLs for the stations are derived from station 2—permanent survey mark (PSM) 130128.

Alignment: Base alignment is from station 2 to 8. Offsets are negative to the left and positive to the right of the line viewed from station 2.


Station # 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
PSM # 130128 130129 130130 130131 130132 188719 208067


  • Mangroves grow adjacent to this baseline and are protected native flora. Any mangroves blocking visibility between pillars are to be reported to the Gold Coast City Council using the contact numbers provided below. Do not interfere with mangroves.
  • The security gate on Shelter Road between pillars 2 and 3 is to be locked shut when the baseline is not in use.
  • Use appropriate signage when using this baseline and limit vehicular travel to an acceptable speed.
  • Pillar 1 (PSM130127) has been damaged and is no longer used. Pillar 8 has been constructed as a replacement.
  • Pillar 2 is subject to flooding.
  • Fluctuating air temperatures around station 4 are most likely caused by the runway and have been known to impact on results of high-accuracy observations.
  • This baseline has been known to show occasional movement. Take care when carrying out observations more than 1 year after the baseline was last calibrated.

Regulation 13 certificate


Regional Calibration Officer

Steve Hughes
Department of Resources
L1 AVC Building
14 Edgewater Court

Phone: (07) 5626 6824 or 0418 732 982

City of Gold Coast

Survey Services
Bicentennial Building Ground Floor
833 Southport- Nerang Rd


Phone: (07) 5581 1785


Phone: (07) 5581 1786