Goonyella electronic distance measurement (EDM) baseline

Baseline status

Suitable for use while certificate remains valid.

Reporting problems

Contact the Regional Calibration Officer (listed below under 'contacts') as soon as possible if any of the following information is incorrect or to report any problems with the baseline.


The Goonyella baseline is located along the western side of the Riverside Mine access road (Mabbin Rd) immediately south of the Mt Coolon turnoff.


Head north on Goonyella Rd and turn onto Mabbin Rd approximately 24km from the town centre. Access to the baseline is by gravelled side tracks to each pillar from the sealed mine access road 3.5km from the Goonyella Rd turnoff.

The key to unlock the pillar heads can be picked up from the Goonyella Riverside Mine Administration Office or by contacting the mine surveyors.


Type: 7 station Schwendener. Stations are concrete pillars.

Datum RL: The datum plane is based on reduced level (RL) 262.0 metres. RLs for the stations are derived from Station 1 – permanent survey mark (PSM) 753250.

Alignment: Base alignment is from station 1 to 7. Offsets are negative to the left and positive to the right of the line viewed from station 1.


Station # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
PSM # 753250 202580 202581 202582 202583 202584 753251


  • This baseline has been known to display substantial movement between pillars. It is recommended that observations on this baseline be done as soon as possible after recalibration by the Department of Resources.
  • Take care while using this baseline as dust waves frequently move across the baseline from the mine on the eastern side of the road. This can disrupt measurements and decrease visibility across the baseline. We recommend you pause all observations until the dust settles or moves on.

Regulation 13 certificate


Regional Calibration Officer

Ian Killian
Department of Resources
22 Wood Street

Phone: (07) 4999 6881

Goonyella Riverside Mine (BMA Coal)


BHP Surveyors
Phone: (07) 4940 4012


Small business hotline: 1300 654 687

General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)