Find out about surveying and survey plans, standards, data and resources for surveying in Queensland.


Survey plans

Find out about the different types of survey plans, obtain survey plan searches and copies of documents, and buy survey plans online.

Survey marks and property boundaries

Learn about property boundary surveys, survey marks, and accessing and submitting property boundary information.

Surveying contacts

Find contact details to make an enquiry, submit survey plans and records, or find a surveyor or local business centre.

Surveying standards and forms

Download surveying standards, forms and Registrar of Titles directions for the preparation of plans.

Calibration of survey equipment

Find out about electronic distance measuring equipment (EDME) calibration baselines and procedures to ensure legal traceability of measurements.

Surveying alerts, notices and historical information

Subscribe to receive updates about survey practice and access historical Queensland Government Gazette notices and directions to surveyors.

Surveying submissions and enquiries

Use this online form to submit copies of survey plans, records, forms, request PSM numbers or survey plan barcodes.

Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA) transformation software

Download software to transform coordinates between previous datums and GDA94.

Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying

Access historical maps, plans and land administration or take virtual tours or browse museum collections.

Glossary of mapping and surveying terms

A useful list of defined mapping and surveying terms, acronyms and abbreviations to help you better understand maps.