Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA) transformation software

The Geocentric Datum of Australia has been updated from GDA94 to GDA2020. This change brings Australia's national latitude and longitude coordinates into line with satellite positioning systems, making it possible for smartphones and other positioning technologies to accurately align with features marked on our maps.

The Department of Resources is responsible for implementing the change in Queensland.

National software and services enabling users to transform coordinates between GDA94 and GDA2020 are available from the ANZLIC Committee on Surveying and Mapping website.

The department continues to make the GDAy 2.1 software available below to help users transform coordinates between previous datums and GDA94. The software can also be used for converting between geographical coordinates (GDA94 latitude and longitude) and projection coordinates (MGA94, easting, northing and zone).

GDAy 2.1 software for pre-GDA2020 datums

GDAy 2.1 uses distortion modelling and handles a range of ASCII formats as well as file formats of particular relevance to Queensland standards (e.g. QIF format for the Digital Cadastral Database).

The version of GDAy 2.1 for 32-bit Windows can be downloaded below and includes the current AGD84 <> GDA94 transformation grid.

A 64-bit Windows version of GDAy 2.1 can be downloaded below. This version does not have a windows installer and you will need to manually run the .reg file to install the components on your target machines.

Note: The GDAy 2.1 software is provided as is, and we do not provide any additional maintenance or support. There are no plans to release any upgrades to the GDAy 2.1 software. The software licence agreement is located within the GDAy 2.1 user guide.

GDA software development kit

The dynamic link library is provided to support special requirements. Read the technical specification for more detailed information:

Queensland transformation grid

A subset of the national distortion grid is also available for users who only require Queensland coverage or use software other than GDAy 2.1. The Queensland AGD84 <> GDA94 distortion grid (QLD 900) is available for Windows 32-bit platforms. The Queensland grid produces identical results to the National AGD84 <> GDA94 grid for the equivalent coverage.

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