Useful tools for preparing a business plan

A good business plan template and reliable market research data will help you develop a plan for your business. Investing in the right template will help you secure funding and ensure the opening of your business runs smoothly.

The following products will help you write or update your business plan.

Market research kit

Market research is about understanding your targeted customer groups and the competition around you. Comprehensive market research is essential to starting a new business. The right data can help you identify likely customers and competitors, and learn more about your market and industry environment.

Our free market research kit will provide you with essential research information that is specifically tailored to your business. Using this information to help you make informed decisions will give your business its best chance of success.

Business tools and resources

Your business plan will document all the important aspects of your business. It maps your current situation, identifies your goals, and describes what actions to take to move your business forward.

Use our free planning resources to write your first business plan (including a business plan template and financial spreadsheets).

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