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Supply general goods and services to Queensland Government

The Queensland Government provides opportunities for suppliers and industry to supply general goods and services (GG&S) to government.

The GG&S group includes general, tangible and consumable products (goods) and services.

GG&S is only 1 of 6 procurement categories that the Queensland Government focuses on.

Read more about supplying other types of goods and services.

Find GG&S opportunities

Register as a new supplier

The first step to being considered as a preferred supplier of general goods and services is to register with QTenders as a new supplier.

Follow the instructions to register and you'll be kept updated on opportunities automatically.

Current opportunities

You can apply for the Expansion of Workplace Health Services Invitation to Offer on the QTenders website that closes on 7 September 2020. The expanded services include:

  • Group 4: Early Intervention Program Services and
  • Group 5: Services to support/prevent employees experiencing: vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and/or intergenerational trauma.

Other resources and tools

Use these tools for finding GG&S-related opportunities:

Watch these videos for more information:

GG&S procurement groups

The GG&S group is made up of 6 procurement groups:

  • contingent workforce
  • employee services
  • marketing
  • professional services
  • travel
  • utilities.

When government buyers are looking for a supplier for one of these groups, they usually search an existing whole-of-government standing offer arrangement (SOA) to find preferred suppliers.

If a suitable SOA isn't available, they may then go to market and invite tenders.

View the current SOAs under these procurement groups:

Contingent workforce

Employee services


Professional services

Travel (QTravel)

Utilities (Electricity)

Other areas covered under GG&S

Business equipment services

Language services