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Supply general goods and services to Queensland Government

The Queensland Government provides opportunities for suppliers and industry to supply general goods and services (GG&S) to government.

The GG&S group includes general, tangible and consumable products (goods) and services.

GG&S is only 1 of 6 procurement categories that the Queensland Government focuses on.

Read more about supplying other types of goods and services.

Find GG&S opportunities

Register as a new supplier

The first step to being considered as a preferred supplier of general goods and services is to register with QTenders as a new supplier.

Follow the instructions to register and you'll be kept updated on opportunities automatically.

Other resources and tools

Use these tools for finding GG&S-related opportunities:

Watch these videos for more information:

GG&S procurement groups

The GG&S group is made up of 6 procurement groups:

  • contingent workforce
  • employee services
  • marketing
  • professional services
  • travel
  • utilities.

When government buyers are looking for a supplier for one of these groups, they usually search an existing whole-of-government standing offer arrangement (SOA) to find preferred suppliers.

If a suitable SOA isn't available, they may then go to market and invite tenders.

View the current SOAs under these procurement groups:

Contingent workforce

Employee services


Professional services

Travel (QTravel)

Utilities (Electricity)

Other areas covered under GG&S

Business equipment services

Language services