New preferred supplier panel for groceries, dairy and beverages

If your business supplies groceries, dairy and beverages, this is your opportunity to become a member of the preferred supplier panel to the Queensland Government.

The opportunity to apply for the Queensland Government’s Groceries, dairy and beverages preferred supplier panel HSQ101256REFRESH is available for supplier application at any time. Suppliers who have submitted an application via the initial registration process (HSQ101256) do not need to resubmit an application.

Suppliers can access and complete ITO documentation by registering their business on the QTenders website.

About the preferred supplier panel

This whole-of-government arrangement will deliver flexibility in the procurement of grocery, dairy and beverage products.

Read more about the different methods of government procurement to understand what this means for your business.

The preferred supplier panel (PSP) is the overarching agreement between Queensland Government and the supplier. Once a business is a supplier under the PSP, they may be provided with opportunities to quote and supply products to eligible Queensland Government customers.

The PSP seeks to provide ongoing opportunities for suppliers to engage with the Queensland Government.

Who can apply

A business can apply to be a supplier within the Groceries, dairy and beverage preferred supplier panel if it can:

  • provide consistent access to high-quality groceries and/or dairy and/or beverage products to customers within specific geographical regions in Queensland and throughout the State
  • comply with all relevant and applicable legislative, policy and procedural requirements
  • assist the Queensland Government in understanding its demand and spend patterns (through reporting)
  • provide goods to customers on-time and at the agreed pricing.

Preferred supplier panel categories

Included categories

This proposed PSP will cover the following categories of food and beverage goods:

  • grocery, including dry goods, frozen goods and chilled items
  • dairy products, including milk, yoghurt, custard, creams and cheeses
  • beverages, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate drinks, juice, water, soft drink and sport drinks.

Excluded categories

The scope of this proposed PSP does not include:

  • fresh food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh bakery products, and fresh meats
  • texture modified foods
  • prepared meals (custom)
  • thickened fluids and
  • kitchen consumables.

How to apply

Complete the invitation to offer (ITO) PSP application for Groceries, dairy and beverages refresh (HSQ101256REFRESH), published on QTenders.

Watch the Groceries, dairy and beverages PSP (HSQ101256) video to find out more about how to apply for this PSP.

Transcript of video

Help with tendering

Find more information on tendering to the Queensland Government.


If you have any questions about the PSP, email

Note: Questions relating to the ITO will need to be submitted through the QTenders website.