Assessing water use in your business

As our economy grows, so too does our demand for water. Business and industry therefore have a responsibility to become efficient water users. This means working out how much water your business uses, and then coming up with a plan to save water.

Understand your water usage

The Queensland Government has ceased its direct involvement in installing and maintaining water meters. Your meter is now your responsibility. By understanding your water use you can increase efficiency and lower costs.

Find out about water metering in Queensland.

Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs)

Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs) are an excellent tool to help you identify and monitor ways in which you can reduce water use. The planning process includes 3 key activities:

  • accounting for water use
  • identifying water-saving measures
  • preparing a plan to implement the identified measures.

Some service providers may require WEMPs to be implemented so check with your local council or water utility. 

Learn more about WEMPs.

Programs to support water efficiency


The ecoBiz program is designed to reward and recognise Queensland businesses that reduce waste, energy or water usage. It can cut costs and increase profit through eco-efficiency. The program includes webinars and online and face-to-face workshop opportunities.

Rural water use efficiency - irrigation futures initiative

The rural water use efficiency - irrigation futures initiative is a partnership between government and rural industry that helps irrigators improve water use efficiency and adopt sustainable irrigation management practices.