Resolve issues with your apprentice or trainee

If you're concerned with your apprentice's or trainee's skills deficits, training plan or training contract, we can help you directly.

But before you reach out to us, make sure you've read our tips for resolving issues first.

Misconduct and discipline

If your apprentice or trainee doesn't carry out their responsibilities under the registered training contract, they are 'engaging in misconduct'.

Examples of misconduct include:

  • failing to carry out a reasonable and lawful instruction, consistent with the training contract obligations
  • being absent from work without approval
  • not participating in training provided under the training plan
  • not keeping a training record or failing to produce it when asked
  • failing to make reasonable progress in their training because of deliberate neglect.

Depending on the situation, we can discipline your apprentice or trainee with a reprimand or a fine.

Resolve specific issues

My apprentice or trainee just quit

Discuss options with your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

My apprentice or trainee has learning difficulties

Ask for extra support (that your apprentice or trainee is entitled to) from your supervising registered training organisation (SRTO).

My apprentice or trainee is falling behind with their training

Training delays must be reported, in writing, to your AASN provider.

I can't afford to keep my apprentice/trainee on due to COVID-19

Find out about suspending training contracts due to COVID-19.

Business is slow and I can't meet my training contract obligations

If changed business circumstances affect your ability to train your apprentice or trainee, you can transfer, extend or suspend your training contact. Read about making changes to the training contract.