Choose a registered training organisation

There are thousands of registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering vocational courses in Queensland.

Depending on the course and location, you may have many options to choose from.

These may differ in duration, cost and delivery method (campus or online) and mode (part-time, full-time or school-based) as well as quality and suitability.

Choosing an RTO

Learn about how to choose a registered training organisation that meets your needs.

Do your own research

It's important to search for a training organisation that suits your business rather than simply relying on someone's recommendation.

Employers are often recommended training organisations based on familiarity rather than suitability.

Do your own research. Like any product, it pays to shop around. Find out who will give you the best deal.

Training organisation comparison checklist

Make sure to ask your potential training organisation about:

  • fees and other charges (see subsidised training organisations below)
  • refund policies
  • the resources provided as part of the course fee and what you need to provide
  • duration
  • timetable for delivery
  • location/s of training delivery and assessment
  • method of delivery and hours of attendance
  • the assessment requirements
  • how assessments are done (e.g. in a real workplace vs a simulated environment)
  • support services provided, particularly in the case of online or distance delivery
  • whether the training can be customised to suit your needs
  • complaints processes
  • job prospects on completion
  • feedback from past students.

Don't be afraid to:

  • ask questions in general
  • ask to see their refund policies
  • ask for the list of the competencies included in the training.

Training provider comparison table

Subsidised training organisations

A pre-approved group of training organisations, called 'Skills Assure suppliers', are funded to deliver subsidised, entry-level training to Queensland apprentices and trainees.

However, not all apprenticeships and traineeships are funded; only those that are listed on our Priority Skills List. This list changes annually depending on industry demands and government budgets.

Priority Skills List

Search for qualifications and skill sets that attract a government subsidy under the VET investment budget.