COVID Safe industry plans

COVID Safe industry plans are developed by an industry peak body or representative group for businesses within that industry to follow.

The plan must clearly outline how businesses will operate and must be approved by Queensland's Chief Health Officer. Individual businesses within that industry can then choose to follow the plan.

Eligible businesses may be able to offer services to a larger number of customers than current COVID-19 restrictions allow if they are following an approved COVID Safe industry plan.

If your business is larger in scale (e.g. size and complexity), you may also be eligible to develop a site-specific plan.

COVID Safe industry plans are for businesses only. They must not be used by individual members of the public.

Read information for:

Approved COVID Safe industry plans

Find a list of approved COVID Safe industry plans.

For individual businesses

If you are eligible to follow your industry's COVID Safe industry plan, you may be able to operate beyond the current business restrictions. You must still follow social distancing requirements.

If your industry has developed a COVID Safe industry plan, you do not need to develop your own COVID Safe plan or checklist, unless this is required by your industry's plan. Check your relevant COVID Safe industry plan for further advice.

You don't have to operate according to your industry's approved plan if it doesn't meet your business's needs. You can choose to operate according to the current restrictions only, which may include completing a COVID Safe checklist.

Using a COVID Safe industry plan

To opt into using an approved COVID Safe industry plan, you should:

  • check for your relevant approved COVID Safe industry plan
  • complete the statement of compliance included in the approved plan
  • display the completed statement prominently on your premises before you start trading with additional customers.

You do not need to be a member of the organisation that has developed your industry's plan to access and use the plan.

If your relevant COVID Safe industry plan doesn't meet the requirements of your business, contact the industry group who developed the plan in the first instance.

Statement of compliance

If your business is following an approved COVID Safe industry plan, you can download and display a statement of compliance (PDF, 234KB). This shows that you're undertaking best practice as a COVID Safe business. Downloading and displaying the statement is not mandatory.

For industry groups and peak bodies

Eligible industries

Industries that are eligible to develop a COVID Safe industry plan include (but are not limited to):

  • accommodation (e.g. caravan and camping parks)
  • arts and entertainment (e.g. concert venues and theatres)
  • hospitality (e.g. restaurants and cafes, pubs, clubs and hotels)
  • places of worship
  • retail (e.g. beauty therapists, nail salons, tattooists, tanning salons and spas)
  • sport and fitness (e.g. gyms, health clubs and yoga studios)
  • tourism experiences (e.g. charter fishing boats, zoos, aquariums and 4WD experiences).

There will only be 1 plan approved per industry for consistency of safety standards and compliance. If there are multiple groups within an industry, these groups should develop a plan together or select 1 plan to submit for approval.

Developing a COVID Safe industry plan

A COVID Safe industry plan can be developed by:

  • an industry representative group
  • a group of businesses within an industry.

Read more about the COVID Safe industry plans approvals process (PDF, 206KB).

Plans should be developed in consultation with relevant unions, workers and industry groups. You must include evidence of consultations when submitting your plan.

Use the COVID Safe industry plan guide (PDF, 541KB) to help you develop your plan and understand what health authorities will look for when assessing your plan. There is no official template for the plan – you can determine the format while following the information in the guide.

COVID Safe industry plans should include:

  • checklists for individual businesses to follow
  • best practice guidelines
  • how relevant public health directions apply to your industry
  • how to review plan effectiveness
  • a statement of compliance for individual businesses to display
  • additional information such as:
    • a list of frequently asked questions
    • contact details for further support (e.g. relevant unions, regulators and employer groups).

Site-specific plans

In limited cases, you can develop a site-specific plan if your business is larger in scale (e.g. complexity and size).

The only businesses considered suitable for COVID Safe site-specific plans are:

  • large outdoor amusement parks
  • zoos
  • convention centres
  • concert venues
  • theatres and auditoriums with seating capacity greater than 1,000
  • museums
  • arenas
  • stadiums
  • casinos.

Before starting to develop a site-specific plan:

If you are eligible for a site-specific plan, use the guide for COVID Safe industry plans (PDF, 541KB) to develop and submit your plan. Work directly with relevant government agencies if you need further advice.

Submitting your plan for approval

Before submitting your plan, check the COVID Safe industry plans approvals process (PDF, 206KB).

You should discuss any new or updated COVID Safe industry or site-specific plans with the relevant government department, who will submit the plan or updates to Queensland Health for approval on behalf of your group.

Submit COVID Safe event plans via the COVID Safe event plan submission portal.

More information

Phone 13 42 68 for more information or advice on developing a COVID Safe industry plan or site-specific plan.