Automated vehicle trial application checklist

Before submitting your automated vehicle trial application, use the information and checklist below to make sure you have attached all the relevant supporting information.

Contact the Licensing, Automated Vehicles and Registration team

Before you submit your application, contact the Licensing, Automated Vehicles and Registration team.

To get further information or to discuss trialling automated vehicles in Queensland, email the Licensing, Automated Vehicles and Registration team at

Supporting information requirements checklist

Before completing and submitting your trial application, check that you have attached the following supporting information.

Evidence of incorporation

Submit any of the following documents that are relevant to your organisation, for example:

  • certificate of registration issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • certificate of incorporation (issued by the registrar of Incorporated Associations)
  • copy of the section of the relevant Australian Act of Parliament declaring your organisation to be a body corporate.

Local council support

  • Support evidence from the relevant local government(s) confirming they support your trial application.

Trial location

  • Location outline and maps – include where you propose to undertake the trial, a map of specific roads, types of roads, routes and regions.

Details of trial vehicles

  • Vehicle modifications – include details of any modifications made to the vehicle since its manufacture
  • Import approval(s) – attach copies of all import approvals
  • Australian Design Rules (ADRs) compliance – for a vehicle(s) not fitted with a compliance plate, provide a report listing applicable ADRs and compliance details (i.e. full, partial or non-compliance) as issued by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
  • Level of automation (SAE J3016 June 2018)
  • Types of equipment relied on to perform the dynamic driving task
  • Operational design domain (ODD)
  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • Object and event detection and response

Proposed dates of trial

  • Proposed time and dates for commencement and completion of your trial.

Public passenger service

If you plan to carry passengers, you must show how your obligations have been met under the following:

Safety management plan

Your safety management plan must include:

Traffic management plan

Your traffic management plan must identify anticipated traffic risks and mitigating actions, including:

  • traffic density/vehicles
  • speed environment
  • pedestrians
  • signage
  • irregular events (construction, road detours, flooding)
  • complex intersections and merges
  • regional variations in the road design
  • rail-road or other interfaces
  • traffic controllers/Queensland Police Service
  • segregation from other traffic.

Passenger transport infrastructure or network requirements

  • Provide the appropriate approvals for bus route(s) or bus stop(s) impacted by your trial.

Engagement with the public and other stakeholders

Show how you have engaged or intend to engage, with the public and other key stakeholders as part of your trial, including:

  • road managers (i.e. Department of Transport and Main Roads, local councils, toll road operators)
  • the public (i.e. local residents, businesses, schools, road users and the general public)
  • government agencies (including Queensland Police Service)
  • education and training for the public to interact with trial vehicles.

Evidence of insurance

Include evidence of the following:

  • comprehensive insurance policy of at least AU$20 million for the duration of the trial including the State of Queensland as a party on your comprehensive insurance certificate
  • workers compensation insurance policy.

Managing change to vehicle and road infrastructure

Address how you intend to manage changes to the vehicle or issues with road infrastructure during the trial period, including:

  • modification to the vehicle or automated driving system (ADS) physical and digital/software updates
  • roadworks
  • changes to road infrastructure
  • recharging infrastructure for the vehicle being trialled.

Data and information records

Supply an outline of how participants in the trial will record information for the following:

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