Healthy HeadWaters water use efficiency funding

The Healthy HeadWaters Water Use Efficiency project (HHWUE) helps Queensland's Murray-Darling Basin irrigation communities deal with climate change and reduced water availability.

The program provides funding for on-farm projects in the basin. It is delivered by the Queensland Government with funding from the Australian Government's Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program, as part of the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in Queensland.

Funding for on-farm infrastructure projects

Eligible irrigators can apply for up to 90% of the total cost to undertake on-farm infrastructure projects to increase water use efficiency. The infrastructure must relate to water storages, water distribution or in-field systems.

Approved applicants must contribute at least 10% to the project cost, and transfer at least 50% of the water savings (by permanent transfer of water allocation) to the Australian Government for environmental use. The 10% contribution may be made up of any combination of cash, 'in-kind' or additional water for transfer.

Twelve application rounds have been run, the last closing in June 2017. So far, more than 80 projects are currently underway, complete or in contract negotiation. These projects represent over 42GL of water savings and government funding of more than $99 million to irrigators.

Research reports

The HHWUE project funded a range of projects to help irrigators improve their water use efficiency. Results of previous studies are provided below.

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