Land rent and water-related drought assistance

Land rent rebates

Holders of rural leases (Category 11 leases used for grazing and primary production) issued under Queensland's Land Act 1994 are eligible for a rebate of 18% of their annual rent where that annual rent is more than {{ pass_34948}}. The rebate is available to producers who hold leases in drought-declared areas and to those who have an individually droughted property (IDP). Producers who are eligible for the rebate will receive information with their annual/quarterly invoices.

Find out more about land rent rebates, which are administered by the Department of Resources.

Water licence waivers

Fees associated with an annual water licence invoice and applications for stock or domestic water licences are being waived in either a drought declared area or IDP. Affected producers will be advised of the waiver by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

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