Farm Business Resilience Program

The Farm Business Resilience Program (FBRP) helps farmers and graziers build a sustainable business by planning today for tomorrow's drought and climate risks.

Through the program you can:

  • access learning and development through training and workshops
  • improve your farm management and business performance
  • plan for challenges that could impact your business.

Industry workshops and training

Grazing, cropping, and dairy

You can attend workshops and field days about:

  • strategic business management
  • farm risk management, decision-making and understanding climate forecasting
  • natural resource management
  • personal resilience.

Phone the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) on 13 25 23 to find out about upcoming events.

DAF can assist with:

  • improving farm business resilience in Queensland's Grain Farming Systems
  • providing information about the GrazingFutures Livestock Business Resilience program (view calendar of events)
  • providing information about the Dairy Farm Business Resilience Program.

Intensive livestock, cotton, turf, and nursery industries

The Queensland Farmers' Federation Family Farm Business Resilience Program delivers industry-specific, risk mitigation business support.


Growcom's resilience facilitators offer workshops and one-on-one training to help you:

  • assess your current management practices
  • identify risks, solutions and actions that can build resilience and profitability over the longer term.


The Business Essentials course delivered by CANEGROWERS takes you through key aspects of farm business financial management and strategic planning.

Business plan

A Farm Business Resilience Plan helps you:

  • support the productivity and profitability of your business
  • identify and assess risks which will impact your farm business such as drought, natural disasters, production risks
  • identify opportunities to improve your business
  • develop strategies and actions on how to manage risks and progress opportunities.

You need a business plan to apply for drought assistance grants and loans.

The grants and loans are administered through Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).

Program partners

The Farm Business Resilience Program and the Farm Management Grants are co-funded through the:


General enquiries 13 25 23