Extension officers

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) extension officers work with farmers across Queensland to help improve their businesses.

How we can help

Our extension officers can help you improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of your business.

As well as working with you on-farm or remotely, our extension officers run workshops, field tours and shed meetings outlining the latest research and information. They can put you in touch with specialists and other agencies or connect you to the best online information.

Based throughout regional Queensland, our extension officers understand the local issues, farming challenges and community networks.

Extension officers take a whole-of-business approach. They are experienced in a wide range of sustainable farming systems and have worked on many farm trials and projects.

They can:

  • help you assess your farm and provide information relevant to your business
  • connect you to industry specialists and subject experts
  • advise on regulatory requirements and business support opportunities
  • connect you to the latest AgTech and data tools.

Find the best systems for your business

Our extension officers will work with you to find the best systems for your situation.

Land management

  • Sown and native pasture management
  • Livestock stocking rates and carrying capacities
  • Understanding climate and seasonal impacts
  • Gully remediation
  • Soil testing
  • Nutrient management
  • Managing pests and diseases

Herd management

  • Animal husbandry practices
  • Managing pests and diseases
  • Genetics and breeding programs
  • Cattle choice and feed requirements
  • Managing through droughts

Production systems for crops and horticulture

  • Crop-specific best management practice
  • Plant health
  • Pest and disease management
  • Fertiliser requirements (rate, source, placement, timing)
  • Ag Tech suitability

Broadacre cropping management

  • Soil fertility management and profitable crop nutrition strategies
  • Managing soil carbon
  • Designing crop rotations to maximise profitability
  • Improving year-round ground cover to maximise soil moisture and minimise erosion
  • Integrating effective pest management approaches across a range of crops
  • Developing agronomic strategies to maximise yield and minimise risk

Work with our agronomists and economists

Our agronomists can help you capture and improve on-farm data and testing.

Our agricultural economists can help you:

  • assess the costs and benefits of different management practices and systems
  • use decision making tools, such as FEAT or Breedcow and Dynama
  • streamline your financial records
  • assess return on investment for new farming systems.

Check out our economic resource sets about:

We also have resources for best practice farming in the reef catchment.

Our horticultural researchers can advise on the best science-based options for growers.

Contact us

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Email info@daf.qld.gov.au