Farm Business Resilience Program

The Farm Business Resilience Program (FBRP) helps farmers and graziers to prepare for and manage business and climate risks.

The program supports your farm business to:

  • identify goals, business and climate risks
  • develop strategies to manage these risks
  • access training and support to develop your plan.

The Farm Business Resilience Program and the Farm Management Grants are co-funded through the:

Complete your plan

A Farm Business Resilience Plan helps you:

  • identify and assess business risks such as drought
  • develop strategies and actions on how to address these risks.

You may already have an up-to-date business plan, or you can complete the template using one of the industry-specific programs.

You need a Farm Business Resilience Plan to apply for drought assistance grants and loans.

Templates, guides, and checklists

Help with completing the plan

You may choose to get help at a workshop or engage a professional person to help you.

If you engage a professional, you can apply for a 50% rebate of the cost, up to $2,500 through a Farm Management Grant.

Other programs and service providers can help you to develop your business plan, such as Agforce's AgCarE, natural resource management bodies and agricultural consultants.

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