Water metering for water supply schemes

Metering of non-urban water use in Queensland applies to holders of water entitlements. These entitlement holders generally include:

  • individuals and corporations undertaking irrigation, industrial and commercial activities
  • rural industries and services such as abattoirs, mines, quarries and power stations
  • water service providers, water authorities, water boards, and local governments that take and distribute water to customers.

For providers and their clients, metering provisions are a requirement under the provider's resource operations licence or distribution operations licence as specified under the relevant water plan, operations manual or water management protocol.

Any interim provisions for unmetered water use including alternative methods of measuring the taking of water in the relevant plan area must be approved by the chief executive.

Although Queensland's current legislative framework requires providers to install meters, it does not mandate how they meter their clients.

A supplemented water supply is one which is enhanced by releases of stored water (for example, from dams). Supplemented supplies are managed by water supply scheme operators. An unsupplemented supply is one that is not enhanced by releases of stored water.

Ownership of water meters

Ownership of meters associated with supplemented water (including instances where meters are also used to take unsupplemented water) is a matter for negotiation and agreement between the water service provider and their customers.

We are not mandating or expressing a preference as to whether scheme water meters should continue to be owned by the provider or the customer.

Metering standards

Queensland has adopted a non-invasive approach whereby providers have the flexibility to make decisions about the installation of new meters and upgrading of existing meters to meet their operational and business requirements.

Any meter that does not comply with the non-urban metering standard may stop being an approved meter.

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