Registration of water service providers

Who must register

The following entities must register as service providers before supplying water and/or sewerage services:


There are some exclusions regarding registration. This applies if the infrastructure is used only:

  • for mining purposes
  • by your guests or employees (e.g. a resort)
  • by the occupants of lots (if the owner is a body corporate for a registered community titles scheme).

Entities that own infrastructure supplying only recycled water do not need to register under this requirement. However, recycled water schemes must be registered under section 196AA of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

How to register

To apply, complete the application for new registration as a service provider (PDF, 432KB) and email to

You must own the infrastructure at the time of application. You cannot apply on the basis of providing planning documents or approvals for supplying water or sewerage services.

Reviewing registration details

Within 30 business days after 30 June each year, all service providers must complete a review of their registration details.

Service providers must then give the regulator notice of the review in the approved form (regardless of whether a change to your details has been made or not) by completing the Notice of change or review of service provider registration details (PDF, 832KB) and emailing this form to

Forms must be submitted within 10 business days after the review of your registration details is complete.

Amending or cancelling your registration

Complete the relevant form and email to

Registered service provider list

View the list of registered water supply and sewerage service providers.

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