Publishing requirements for water service providers

As a service provider, you must publish regulatory documents about the water and sewerage services provided to your customers.

Service provider documents

You must publish these documents online as soon as feasible:

  • customer service standards
  • drinking water quality management plan (annual) reports
  • performance reports
  • recycled water management plan annual reports
  • any guidelines for preparing a water efficiency management plan
  • any service area maps.

Rate notices guidelines

Service providers outside South East Queensland must comply with the Guideline for issuing a residential water rate notice outside South East Queensland (PDF, 924KB). This guideline specifies what needs to be detailed on a rates notice for water services.

Email to request a copy of superseded guidelines if required for reference.

Comparative performance reporting

Your customers can read the Queensland water and sewerage service provider performance comparative report (PDF, 3.2MB) to check your performance in providing water and sewerage services against other providers. Customers can also view, and compare, the key performance indicator data that has been reported by Queensland’s water service providers.

More information for registered providers


Small business hotline: 1300 654 687

General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)