Gas certificates, plates and notices

Make sure you comply with the Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018. Order your new forms, certificates, plates and books for use by 30 June 2019.

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The following requirements apply to holders of gas work licences and gas work authorisations when carrying out gas work in relation to a Type A or Type B gas device. Use our online form to order any of the following.

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Gas compliance certificates

You must issue a gas system compliance certificate (Form PGA734) when carrying out gas work on a gas system. The certificate must be issued to the owner, operator or proposed operator of the gas system when you finish the installation.

Gas fitters must also give a copy of the gas system compliance certificate to the relevant network operator within 5 business days after installation. Contact the network operator for their preferred method of submitting gas system compliance certificates.

Gas compliance plates

You must attach a gas system compliance plate when carrying out gas work (Form PGR91B3) - unless a plate is already installed. If a plate is already installed, you must update the plate with the work you carried out. The plate shows the history of gas installation and who undertook the work.

Read more about the requirements for installing compliance plates (PDF, 361KB).

Defect notices

You must issue a defect notice for any gas work that does not comply with the Act and provide a copy to the gas system owner.

You must have a book of gas system defect notices. These can be ordered online using the form above.

Note, if you have a safety concern (i.e. you believe there is an imminent risk of harm to persons or property unless action is taken), you must immediately notify both the gas supplier on their preferred phone number and the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate on 1300 910 933.

Gas inspection certificate

If you are approved to inspect the fuel gas systems of a vehicle or vessel, you must issue a gas inspection certificate whenever you carry out any gas work or conduct an inspection of a vehicle or vessel.