Reporting and paying royalties for riverine quarry materials

Each month, you must advise us of the amount of quarry material, if any, that you have taken.

You may also need to pay royalties for any quarry material taken from state lands – watercourses and lakes not contained within a surveyed freehold land parcel are commonly state lands.

You must submit a monthly return even if you have taken no quarry material.

Concessional rates and exemptions

You are eligible for concessional rates if you remove material on behalf of a statutory body or local government. No royalties are payable if you remove material on behalf of a Queensland Government department.

In either case, you must obtain a certificate of royalty exemption from the statutory body, local government or state government department. Make sure you obtain a signed certificate, then upload it when you lodge your monthly return.

Lodging your monthly return and royalty payment

You can lodge your monthly return along with your royalty payment online.

Submit your monthly return

Note: You can also lodge your monthly return using a hard-copy form. See our lodgement and payment options for further details.