Key Resource Areas in Queensland

Quarry materials, or extractive resources, include sand, gravel, quarry rock, clay and soil. These are high-volume, low-value products. Whether an extractive industry can be developed economically often depends on its proximity to markets, especially those in growing urban areas.

Because of their economic importance to the state, significant extractive resources must be protected from development that could impact on their long-term availability.

The Key Resource Area (KRA) concept is a planning tool designed to protect resources from being rendered inaccessible by urban expansion.

KRAs are designed to maintain adequate separation distances between sensitive uses and any future extractive industry. Any development proposal within a KRA is assessed to ensure that existing or future extractive industries cannot be significantly affected by the encroachment of sensitive uses.

By using the KRA concept, supplies of vital construction materials located close to market remain available for development when needed.

This guide explains how KRAs are identified and the types of development that are assessed within a KRA.