Authorisations to remove riverine quarry materials

To remove riverine quarry materials you will need to obtain both a:

  • quarry material allocation
  • development permit.

You must have received both these authorisations before beginning operations.

Depending on the circumstances, you may also need other authorisations, such as owner's consent and vegetation clearing permits. Check with your local government for any additional requirements.

Quarry material allocations

A quarry material allocation authorises you to extract a given volume of material from a specific location in a watercourse or lake. Quarry material allocations are granted for a maximum of 5 years. They can be renewed and transferred to another person.

Quarry operations plans

You may need to supply a quarry operations plan along with your application so that we can properly assess your request. Contact your local business centre before applying to confirm whether an operations plan is required.

How to apply

Complete the relevant application form and lodge your form by email. See our lodgement and payment options for further details.

How we assess applications

We will consider the impact the removal of the quarry material will have on the long-term sustainable use of the watercourse or lake, including the:

  • physical integrity of the watercourse or lake, including bed and bank stability
  • condition of the watercourse or lake, including its ability to function naturally
  • supply of sediments to estuaries and the sea from the watercourse or lake
  • quarry material available in the watercourse or lake and any existing quarry material allocations in relation to the watercourse or lake.

Development permits

The removal of quarry materials from a watercourse or lake is considered assessable development under state planning laws. You will need to apply for a development approval under State code 15: Removal of quarry material for a watercourse or lake.

Find out more about development applications and access the state code and guidance material.