Geothermal energy

Queensland has good potential to develop geothermal energy resources, with significant resources of hot dry rocks.

The Queensland Government's recently completed Coastal Geothermal Energy Initiative investigated sources of hot rocks for geothermal energy close to existing transmission lines.

A regional-scale drilling program identified regions with possible geothermal energy potential in the Millungera, Nambour-Maryborough, Surat and Hillsborough basins.

Coastal Geothermal Energy Initiative report

Download the full report – Queensland Geology 14: An assessment of the geothermal energy potential of northern and eastern Queensland – free from the GSQ Open Data Portal.

Applying for a resource authority

To explore for geothermal energy, you need an exploration permit for geothermal energy. You can apply through a call for tenders.

Exploration and investment resources

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  • Queensland exploration and investment resource package is a comprehensive guide for potential explorers and investors. For a free copy, contact the Geological Survey of Queensland.
  • Read about investing in Queensland mining for information on investment support, exploration opportunities and current tenders.

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Exploration reports

Holders of resource authorities are required to submit a range of statutory reports on their activities through the GSQ Lodgement Portal. After a period of confidentiality, these reports and data are made publicly available through the GSQ Open Data Portal.

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