Enforcement and compliance

The laws managing the growth of Queensland's coal seam gas to liquefied natural gas (CSG-LNG) industry have been developed after more than 2 years of intensive examination to create the right policy settings for an expanding industry.

At the heart of the Queensland Government's management is a commitment to sustainable development.

We've been working with local residents, landholders, peak farming groups and the resources sector to get the ground rules right.

We have strong laws and regulations in place that:

  • deliver safe and high standards of environmental responsibility
  • protect local water supplies and farming land
  • manage the impact of resource activities on areas of regional interest
  • provide fair conditions for landholders
  • establish strict compliance regimes.

CSG-LNG compliance and enforcement is managed through local, Queensland and Australian government agencies.

In order to better manage compliance and enforcement in the industry, the Queensland Government established the CSG Compliance Unit (formerly the LNG Enforcement Unit). The unit includes multi-disciplinary industry and environmental staff from across government, including environmental and groundwater experts, petroleum and gas safety specialists and staff specialising in land access issues.

Reporting CSG concerns

If you have any concerns about CSG operations, you can contact us with your resource enquiry or complaint.

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