Applying for project status in MyMinesOnline

If you hold a resource authority granted since 20 May 2020 and you wish to vary your permit conditions, you can apply for project status to link a number of your permits into one exploration project. This allows you to offset conditions against other tenures within the project.

The following instructions will help you complete the project status application in MyMinesOnline.

To check if you are eligible to apply, read more about changes to resource authority permit conditions.

Gather information and documents

The following information and documents will be requested as part of the MyMinesOnline application process. Ensure you have everything readily available before you start.

List of permits

Identify each exploration permit or mineral development licence to be included in the project.

An exploration permit granted as a result of a call for tender or same day application process may not be included in an exploration project during the first term of the permit. The holder is required to carry out the work program proposed either during the tender process or that was assessed on a merit basis in the case of competing applications and cannot offset work program conditions or relinquishment requirements to other exploration permits.

If you are unsure whether this applies, contact the relevant assessment hub.

Company name

The company name is the company who will be the coordinator for the project.

Supporting documents

Reporting status details for all permits

Table of reporting details and status for each report for the life of the permit to be included in the project. Example:

Tenure ID Report type Due datePending/completed

Consent of all holders

Document containing consent from all holders for each permit to be included in the project.

Justification of inclusion of permits in a project

Document explaining the justification for each permit to be included in the project. Refer to the Operational policy - Project-based exploration administration policy for criteria for project status. Include maps and other data that may be relevant.

Expenditure details

Table of expenditure details for each exploration permit. Example:

Tenure IDYear Expenditure condition
Financial commitment
Actual exploration expenditure Actual non-exploration expenditure

Table of expenditure details for each mineral development licence. Example:

Tenure IDYear Expenditure condition Actual expenditure

Relinquishment schedule

Table of relinquishment schedule for each permit. Example:

Tenure ID Number of sub-blocks Number of sub-blocks for relinquishment Date relinquishment required

Work program requirements

For exploration permits for coal and mineral development licences (coal), contact the Coal Assessment Hub for further information.

For exploration permits for minerals and mineral development licences (minerals), use the Exploration permit minerals project status (XLSX, 227KB) spreadsheet to show the current work program for each permit in the project. This spreadsheet will need to be updated and included in any subsequent variation applications.

Find out more about development plans and work programs.

Demonstration of unifying exploration concept and outcome

Document about the geological/exploration concept across the permits, including maps and relevant data.

Statement of obligations

Each permit proposed to be included in the project must be compliant*. Include a statement of obligations with a table listing compliance against each mandatory condition (list Yes or No in each table cell) for each permit. Example:

Tenure ID Rent Reporting Relinquishment Work program Security
EPM/C # Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No*
MDL # Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No* Yes/No*

*If an obligation is not compliant, provide justification as to why project status should be approved.

Start your project status application

Ready to start the application?

Access MyMinesOnline

Click on Exploration project status – Manage project status, then Request project status.

Amending your project status

You can make changes to projects, including adding or removing exploration permits, through MyMinesOnline. Click on Exploration project status – Manage project status, then Amend project status.

Applying for a variation of a permit

Once project status has been approved, you may lodge a variation to conditions of an exploration permit within the project.

To lodge a variation of conditions application, use the Application to vary the conditions of an exploration permit (PDF, 150KB) form or apply directly through MyMinesOnline.

For EPMs only: Variations related to a project should include an updated Exploration permit for minerals project status workbook.