CSG resources for landholders

The links to fact sheets on this page contain more detailed information for landholders about the management of coal seam gas (CSG) activities in Queensland.

CSG water management

Cumulative management areas

  • Cumulative management areas explains the process and implications for petroleum and gas tenure holders and bore owners in a cumulative management area.
  • Surat cumulative management area details the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation's declaration of the Surat cumulative management area. A detailed map of the Surat cumulative management area is also included.

Environmental assessment

Hydraulic fracturing

Regional Planning Interests Act 2014

  • The Regional Planning Interests Act 2014 identifies and protects areas of Queensland that are of regional interest, including Priority Agricultural Areas, the Strategic Cropping Area, Strategic Environmental Areas and Priority Living Areas. The Act manages the impact of resource activities and other regulated activities in areas of regional interest. A regional interests development approval (RIDA) may be required where a resource is proposed in an area of regional interest. Find out more about applying for a RIDA.

Transfer of CSG and other petroleum infrastructure to landholders

The Queensland Government authorises petroleum operators to construct various types of infrastructure when undertaking petroleum activities issued under an environmental authority (EA).

Certain types of on-farm petroleum infrastructure (such as wells and bores) are of value to landholders and the transfer of these assets for agricultural and other purposes is supported providing certain circumstances are met.

Responsibility for this infrastructure may be transferred, either during or upon completion of the petroleum activity, allowing them to use it for their own purposes.

While the transfer of petroleum assets would most commonly occur after the EA has been surrendered, it can occur earlier if the infrastructure is no longer required by the EA holder.

Infrastructure that is suitable to be transferred to landholders is categorised according to environmental risk and rehabilitation requirements for ongoing management and monitoring.

The new guideline, Transferring petroleum infrastructure to landholders (ESR/2020/5403) (PDF, 737KB) provides information for environmental authority holders about the types of infrastructure that can be transferred to landholders and the process.

To transfer petroleum infrastructure, the petroleum operator and landholder need to develop a written agreement. Depending on the infrastructure the environmental authority holder may also need to amend their environmental authority.

Learn more about the process for landholders who are interested in taking on infrastructure from petroleum activities.

Reporting CSG concerns

If you have any concerns about CSG operations, you can contact us with your resource enquiry or complaint.

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