Retail signage

Retail signage helps build your brand and grow your business. External signage gives potential customers a sense of whether they should enter your store and internal signage can convince customers to buy your products.

Signage should be well planned and tell a consistent story about your business and your product. Your retail signage should promote your brand. These tips will help you design, theme and commission signage that command your customers' attention.

External signage

Well-designed external signage improves your image and impact. Consider investing in expert advice or professionally designed signage. You should:

  • choose a design, colour and theme for your external signage that you will use consistently throughout your store and marketing material
  • keep external signage clear and uncluttered
  • not allow external signage to block your customers' view inside your store - your customers should have a clear view into your store that intrigues or entices them
  • seek advice from your local council if you're planning external signage - signage regulations are local council responsibilities.

Internal signage

Use your internal signage to convey a message about your store and your products and keep the look of your internal signage consistent with your external signage. You should:

  • use directional signage and product markers to help your customers find products easily. Good signage complements good customer service
  • give clear and specific commands on your signage - for example, 'See our specials of the week', 'Find your top 5 favourites here'
  • selectively use product signage to convey a brief, informative and engaging message for your premium products - for example, 'The Tibetans have used this natural anti-aging remedy for centuries'
  • use your market research to tell customers things you want them to know about your products - for example, '70% of our customers prefer mineral powder cosmetics'
  • style your signs consistently throughout your store.

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