Selling and supplying electrical equipment

As the supplier of electrical equipment you have a legal duty under the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (Qld) to ensure your business is conducted in a way that is 'electrically safe'.

If your business imports or manufactures electrical equipment, you must ensure that the products you supply or sell are electrically safe and meet the relevant standard(s).

There are additional Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) legislative requirements for the sale of household goods to ensure the consumer is safe.

If your business imports or locally manufactures any electrical equipment you have to confirm if your product is regarded as 'in-scope electrical equipment' and at what risk level, then take steps before you can sell it.

If you are not a responsible supplier, but are the second or subsequent supplier in the supply chain, you will need to ensure the equipment was imported or manufactured by a registered responsible supplier and is marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark.

This guide explains your obligations as a supplier or seller of electrical equipment.