Plastic bag ban in Queensland

From 1 July 2018, retailers will no longer be allowed to supply shoppers with single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags under 35 microns, either free or for a charge.

This ban includes compostable, degradable and biodegradable plastic shopping bags.

Comply with the plastic bag ban

The ban applies to all retail businesses for in-store and online sales. A fine of up to $6,300 (50 penalty units), per offence, may apply for:

  • not complying with the legislation
  • or
  • providing misleading information about plastic shopping bags.

Learn about the ban and how to comply.

Plan for the bag ban

You may choose to provide or charge customers for alternative bags, for example:

  • reusable heavy-duty plastic bags
  • woven polypropylene ‘green bags’
  • paper or other carry bags.

Shoppers can also bring their own bag or trolley.

Other ways to plan for the bag ban include:

About the plastic bag ban

Transcript of video

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