Food, beverage and catering

Read about Queensland's food and beverage industry, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation and warehousing activities.


Food and beverage industry

A guide to the food and beverage industry in Queensland and how to get started.

Industry regulations and compliance

State and national food safety regulations apply to each stage of food and beverage production.

Find a supplier of Queensland food and beverages

Search our Food and Beverage Supplier Directory to find businesses and caterers that supply products grown, made or produced in Queensland.

Contract manufacturing

Engage a contract manufacturer or provide contract manufacturing services in your Queensland food processing business.

Takeaway and delivery advice for food and beverage businesses

To support the growth of your business, you may consider introducing takeaway or food delivery services.

Reduce food waste at your business

Actions for cutting food waste in the workplace.

Prepare your tourism and hospitality business for disasters

Learn how to prepare your tourism or hospitality business for disasters, including how to best respond, recover and communicate to get back on track sooner.

Support for artisan food and beverage producers

Read about the business support available for Queensland artisan food and beverage producers.

Employing apprentices and trainees

Employing an apprentice or trainee may be beneficial for your business and the broader industry. Find out about employing apprentices and trainees.

Wine industry

Getting started in Queensland's wine industry.

Develop innovative products

Financial assistance and research services to help your business test and develop innovative food products.

Laws against supplying and feeding prohibited feed to pigs (swill)

Find out what you can and can’t legally feed pigs, including the risks and penalties associated with swill feeding.

Industry associations

Contact key food and beverage associations to find suppliers, network, attend training and events and generate new business.