Wine industry in Queensland

The Queensland wine industry's commitment to innovation and best practice has helped to create consistent high-quality wines with national and international reputation.

Most wine produced in Queensland is sold domestically, but overseas exports are increasing.

Starting a wine business

If you are considering starting a wine business you should look closely at the business risks involved.

Growing wine grapes and establishing a winery involves a significant financial and personal commitment. The most productive and successful vineyards are those that have been well planned.

Before buying land or planting vines:

Ideally, you should also have a contract with a winery before you begin planting.

Choosing wine grape varieties

A wide range of wine grape varieties can be grown in Queensland; however, some do better than others in different locations.

The main varieties produced are:

  • shiraz
  • cabernet sauvignon
  • merlot
  • chardonnay
  • semillon
  • verdelho
  • viognier
  • tempranillo.

Choosing appropriate varieties and rootstocks for a particular growing region can be complex.

Carry out market research to make sure there will be a market for the varieties you have chosen.

Benefits to tourism

Queensland's wineries and vineyards add another dimension to the state's tourism experiences, encouraging additional visits and spending in the wine regions.

Businesses that benefit from wine tourism include:

  • cellar door wineries
  • tour operators
  • gift shops
  • restaurants
  • accommodation providers.

Support from industry associations

Wine industry associations can help you:

  • connect with other businesses in the wine industry
  • access support services and advice.