Takeaway and delivery advice for food and beverage businesses

To support the growth of your business, you may consider introducing takeaway or food delivery services.

Takeaway and delivery options

It is important to understand your options before you offer or scale up takeaway and/or delivery services, so you can choose the approach that is best for your business.

There are 4 main options to consider:

  • A 'click and collect' system—this allows customers to order online and then pick up food or beverages for takeaway directly from your business. To implement a 'click and collect' system in your business you will need to:
    • develop a delivery website and/or mobile app, or use a commercially available solution—third party online delivery services generally reduce commission if you use the platform for pick up only
    • consider issues including staffing, training, food safety and whether your current menu is suited to 'click and collect'
  • Combine a third party food delivery service with your own riders/drivers—this may allow you to redeploy staff from other roles and set your own delivery fee and delivery area. It may reduce the commission you need to pay to a third party food delivery service, however you will be responsible for staff, training and logistics for delivery.
  • Use a third party food delivery service and use their riders/drivers—this can be a convenient way to reach more customers.
  • Use another style of delivery service such as a taxi based service—this may remove the commission you need to pay to a third party, and provide a convenient way to reach customers.

Read advice on introducing online delivery to your business (PDF, 97KB) from Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA).

Partnering with a third party food delivery service

Make sure you assess these key factors before partnering with a food delivery service.

  • Consider what features you are looking for:
    • pick up only
    • delivery
    • using your own delivery staff
  • Understand how much will you pay in fees and commission—these may take the form of joining fees, delivery fees and commission, and will vary depending on the features you are seeking.
  • Consider if your current menu is suited to takeaway and delivery—items you offer through an online menu will need to maintain their quality and presentation throughout delivery.
  • Understand how the third party food delivery service deals with customer feedback and complaints.
  • Review the third party food delivery service's privacy policy to ensure customer data is protected.
  • Consider if delivery will work well in your business location—delivery is more popular in cities than in suburban or rural areas.
  • Plan how you will continue to communicate with your end customer and maintain positive brand awareness.

Learn more about navigating the online food and delivery industry (PDF, 3MB) from R&CA.

Food safety for takeaway and delivery

You must ensure you're adhering to high standards of food safety if you're changing your business operation to include takeaway and delivery services.

The packaging material you choose must ensure customers are receiving their food and beverages at a safe temperature and free from cross-contamination. Some delivery services suggest using tamper-evident packaging.

If you are delivering food yourself, consider using an insulated bag or esky. You will also need to ensure you have the appropriate workplace health and safety policies in place, which include policies for drivers/riders transporting food to customers.

Read advice on takeaway and delivery food standards from Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

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